The New Age Cosmetic Facial In Town – PHOTOFACIAL 

The New Age Cosmetic Facial In Town – PHOTOFACIAL 

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Do you always go to a Parlour , when you want to get a facial done? Yes, that is what most of the people do but Science has advanced now. And the new age cosmetic photofacials have taken over the traditional methods.

We at LA SKIN clinics have introduced the new Cosmetic facial in Town called Photofacial. This revolutionary facial uses an employ of light (Laser beam) to influence the skin on a molecular level and with help of the laser beam, It revitalises the dead cells with helps in brightening and lightening the skin tone and helps in improving the texture of the skin.

What is Photo Facial and how does it work?
Photo facial uses the IPL technology , which is the Intensed Pulse Light technology. In this facial, the IPL laser emits  quick and powerful flashes of light which penetrate the layers of skin. Using different wavelengths of light, IPL targets hemoglobin (the red blood cells in the blood vessels) or melanin (the brown pigment in freckles and age spots) that create discoloration. As the light turns into heat and breaks down the hemoglobin or melanin into tiny particles, your body’s lymphatic system will carry them away. Sometimes, the unwanted tissues rise to the skin’s surface as scabs which will naturally slough away within a few days. At LA SKIN our experts evaluate your skin and only then suggest this facial , as it is more suited for fairer skin tone..
Who Is and Is Not A Good Candidate for an IPL Photo facial at LA SKIN ?
This procedure is done by La skin expert Dermatologist and they evaluate your skin throughly, to determine if you are a good candidate or not. This procedure does not have any age limit, as we have many younger patients coming to us as well, who have early signs of  hyperpigmentation, minor wrinkling, and uneven skin tone. For such patients our exclusive LA SKIN signature Photofacial therapy works wonders.. This procedure also has zero downtime. Regardless of your age or the length of time you’ve had the hyperpigmentation, as long as you are fairly light-skinned, our signature Photofacial will be the most effective treatment for you to take care of unwanted discoloration.
How long is the procedure?
This procedure takes about 45 mins to an Hour. As first the skin is cleansed throughly and then our signature gel massage is done, so that the pores on the skin open up for optimal results.. After which an Aesthetic cream is applied and the laser shots are given on the face..You will feel a quick snap, like someone is popping a small rubber band against your skin.. there is no signs of dis comfort or any pain which arises, during the procedure.. Photofacial treatment at LA SKIN  will cover the entire face. Working in quadrants—cheeks, chin, and forehead – our doctors at LA SKIN Clinic are fully trained and know all the adequate areas where the shots have to be given..  After the procedure is done, you can wipe off the gel and you will be free to apply makeup and sunscreen and return to your normal activities.
Is there any downtime of Photofacial ? 
Our machines at Laskin are US FDA approved and are renowned in there field. Therefore it does not provide with any type of downtime , unlike other clinics , wherein you are told not to go out of the house or there may even be scarring.. Our procedure at LASKIN Clinic are performed by the best in technology present in the market.. There might be slight redness but that would go eventually within a few hours.. You may get results in 1 or 2 sessions but it is advised to take atleast 5-6 sessions , spaced once in a month to get the desired results for a longer duration..
I suggest everyone to get this facial done at LA SKIN clinic.. To know more about this procedure , please drop by to LA SKIN Clinic Delhi and Gurugram and our experts will guide you through this procedure.. You can find us at the below mention details:
LA SKIN Clinic Gurgaon
+91 9555551140
LA SKIN Clinic Delhi
M18-M Block Market ,
Above OBC Bank,
Greater Kailash -2, Delhi
+91 9555551180

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