Tattoos Are Not as Permanent as We Thought


Tattoos Are Not as Permanent as We Thought

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Tattoos are a type of self expression or an experience which people want to imprint on their body to remember all their life.. It may be in the form of a story, graphic, religious idol etc and can be of any size and shape.. People get very happy when get get inked and is a sign of joy for most people as there might be a deeper and a special meaning to it as well.. But what happens when you have outgrown the phase? When the emotion that led to that tattoo is just a dot of memory, no more? When you are ready for a ‘new life’, so to speak? In other words, what do you do when you no longer need that tattoo and want to get rid of it?

The worry is now over, as we at LA SKIN Clinic have got the most advanced Q switch laser , which helps in getting rid of your unwanted tattoos in just a few sessions.. It is economical, safe and the most successful method to remove Tattoos on your body which may be of any type.. 

 Prepare Yourself –

First set the expectation and get a permanent tattoo removal treatment consultation done by our most experienced panel of Dermatologist at LA SKIN Clinics at Gk or Gurugram. It is always important to know what you want out of your Tattoo ? Do you want to permanently erase it ? or may be lighten it , so as to get some other tattoo on top of it.. At Laskin we have a solution for all your questions and our experts Dermatologist at laskin clinic will guide you with the best possible treatment pattern to get rid of your Tattoo.. 

What to expect-

La skin clinic hosts the best Tattoo removal machine in India and will give the best possible results . We have a huge case study of clients who have got this treatment done from us and we at Laskin are proud to say that we have achieved more than 90% successful treatments till now.. But we still cannot guarantee you a 100% success rate as it is a medical treatment and depends largely on the skin type of an individual as well..  In some cases it may only fade away partly and is also highly dependent on the body part , where the tattoo is done as in some areas such as Arms and Legs , the fading away of tattoo is slower than other areas , due to low circulation of blood. 

Number of Sessions required-

Unlike other clinic where they can’t commit on the number of sittings required but we at La Skin clinic know exactly how many it would take to remove the tattoo once our expert panel of Dermatologist look at it.. In most cases some where around 8-12 sessions are required to get rid of the tattoo completely. 

What is a Q Switch Laser- 

We at LA SKIN Clinic hosts the best Tattoo removal machine. In this technology, a laser emits light energy in pulsed beam form. A firm beam light emits a very tiny and penetrating pulse of light followed by a long pulse (few milliseconds) or short pulse (few nanoseconds). The technology delivers heat and destroy the tissues and pigments without damaging your skin.

In short , we encourage people to try out LA SKIN Tattoo removal procedure , who are facing issues with their present tattoo.. Our Qualified team of Dermatologist will prepare the best treatment plan possible , which is safe, tested and gives effective results..  Therefore Book your appointment with LA Skin Clinics, by contacting us on or Call at 91-9555551140, 9555551180.Website:

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