Refresh Your Skin With A Chemical Peel

Chemical peel

Refresh Your Skin With A Chemical Peel

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Refresh Your Skin With A Chemical Peel: – A Chemical Peel is the most commonly used medical treatment these days. It is used to cure multiple indications such as Acne, Pigmentation, Uneven Skin tone, Brighten Skin Colour and covers many other indications on our skin. We at LA SKIN clinic have been doing Chemical peels for many years at our clinic and use only products which are US FDA approved. All the peels used at LA SKIN are imported directly from US and are the best in the industry.

How Chemical Peels Work?

A chemical peel is a type of exfoliation on our skin, it works on the outermost layer of skin (the stratum corneum), and have no downtime with redness or oozing.  Since it is a medicated product, it directly works on the affected area and cures it in a few sessions. Normally for any type of indication to be treated by Chemical peels, multiple sessions are required depending on the type of the treatment.

Will Chemical Peel Suit my skin?

At LA SKIN we only use the best products in the market and our Peels are mild and suitable for all skin type and colour. Even age is no bar for this treatment as at LA SKIN we have patients visiting us from all age group, starting from 14 going up till late 50s as well.

Indications of Chemical Peel?

Chemical Peel is a Lunch Time procedure. It hardly takes about 5 – 15 min depending on the type of treatment. The solution is applied on the skin and left to dry and soak within the skin. There is no “peeling” or “shedding” of the skin other than possible mild flaking or dryness after a couple of days, which is easily treated with a good moisturiser. The Doctors at LA SKIN Clinic will choose between an array of acids at different concentrations (for example, 15%, 20% and going up till even 50%) depending on the treatment needed and the desired results.

Types of Chemical peels.

At LA SKIN Clinic we have a huge variety of Peels for different indications. Some times are doctors even mix match different type of Peels and apply on patients to give the best results. Since all our Doctors are fully trained in this procedure they exactly know what type of Peel will work for the patient and so depending on the conditions, the desired peel is applied. The few peels which are commonly used at LA SKIN are: Glycolic Peel, TCA Peel, Salicylic Peel, Retinol Peel, Black Carbon Peel etc.

We have a number of case studies with before and after pictures which will help you see the type of results which can be guaranteed with this procedure. For any indications such as Acne, Pigmentation, Uneven skin tone etc. Do visit LA SKIN CLINIC in GK 2 and Gurgaon for the Chemical Peel Procedure and you will be amazed with the results you get. You can meet our Medical director Dr H.K Kar for a complimentary consultation on Chemical peel and discuss all your skin issues. Do visit us on the undersigned:

LA SKIN Clinic Gurugram

A- 609, Sushant Lok 1

LA SKIN Clinic GK 2

M-18, 1st Floor

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