Fat Freezing: A new invention to get rid of unwanted fat 


Fat Freezing: A new invention to get rid of unwanted fat 

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Diet and Regular exercise is something which we always think off when we think about Weight loss or being healthy. But exercising or gyming is not everyone’s dream objective. Some people may even get bored of it and for some it would be difficult to take out time from their busy schedule. You need not worry any more as LA SKIN clinics has come up with a new invention in the field of medical Aesthetics that is Freezing your Fat away.. This technique breaks down at least 30% of your Fat and the maximum results are seen after 1-2 months. Our Fat freezing Consultants Dr. H.K. Kar will explain to you exactly what might be needed for you to reach your goals. The consultation is completely free at LA SKIN Clinics and you can drop down whenever you want.

How Long Does It Take?

“The best results for fat freeze treatment at LA SKIN can be seen after 2 months. But your body may even flush out more fat cells till about 4-6 months” says Dr KH kar (Medical director LA SKIN CLINCS). The vast majority of Fat Freezing patients are happy with one treatment session for each area of the body. After one area is done, you may even opt for more areas or get multiply areas at once. LA SKIN has solutions for all your aesthetic needs.

Are there any side effects?

We may say that this treatment does not have any side effects but there are certain indications which you need to be aware off after getting this treatment done at LA SKIN. Some of the indications are Swelling, paleness or tenderness in and around that area. But this may go after some time. we will be totally in charge of your health and wellbeing even after the treatment and you can drop by to our clinic at Gk2 or Sushant Lok (Gurgaon) any time to show these conditions. With normal tropical and medication these conditions can be easily treated.

Will I lose weight?

During our consultation at LA SKIN clinics, we always consults our patients about what their Aim is: To lose weight or to lose inches. Fat freeze is a treatment that will instantly make you lose inches but might not really affect your weighing scale. Though some clients which have taken this treatment at la skin have observed that they have lost both weigh as well as inches but this may vary patient to patient. If you want to lose weight then we offers treatment such as Liposuction or Vaser which will instantly take your fat out through surgery but this may even have down time.

Does it have any down time?

No this treatment does not have any downtime. You can get this session down at your lunch break and then easily go to work or do any other activity. Though Dr Kar (Medical director) says that after getting this treatment, you should avoid places where you will sweat a lot such as gym or playing sports, as it may disturb the process internally and may affect the results. Other than this you may also be told to not go for swimming for at least a week after this treatment is done. Other than this there are no other downtime involved in this treatment at LASKIN.

In all i would recommend this treatment to everyone who is facing a lot of issues with excessive fat in there body. It is an easy and one time technique, which will give you tremendous results for a long time.

Do Visit LA SKIN CLINICS at GK2 and Gurgaon to know more about this treatment. You can get in touch on the undersigned to know more:

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