Rhinoplasty / Nose Job

What is Rhinoplasty/Nose Job?

Facial harmony is greatly influenced by the nose. As a central feature of your face, your nose can add character, elegance, strength and balance. However, because it is a central feature, even small contour irregularities, asymmetry or other issues can affect how we feel about our appearance every day. Aside from cosmetic concerns, natural structural issues, genetic defects or damage from injuries may also cause difficulty breathing and greatly affect your daily, quality of life. The rhinoplasty procedure is completely customizable in order to compliment your, unique facial features and achieve the most natural cosmetic improvement for you.

Rhinoplasty: Is It for Me?

  • Because the nose is the central feature of the face, even slight changes to its shape and/or size can greatly enhance the appearance of the whole face. As an accomplished rhinoplasty surgeon is experienced at reducing prominent humps, refining the tip of the nose and altering the size of the nostrils. Depending on the extent of the reshaping needed, he uses either the open or the closed rhinoplasty technique. Both approaches produce remarkable enhancement results that improve both the appearance and self- confidence of rhinoplasty patients.

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  • Smooth away a hump on the bridge of your nose Improve the balance of your profile Lift and upturn a downward pointing tip Widen or narrow the flare of your nostrils Straighten a crooked nose (deviated septum) Improve breathing

    Reduce the overall size of your nose Elevate the bridge to create a more refined, slimmer appearing nose Reduce a bulbous tip


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The treatment was very comfortable, the result are amazing .
The treatment was very comfortable,  the  result are amazing . I made cleaning face with laser and it was very very nice , The doctor and staff at laskin are very courteous & i recommend this clinic to all the Afghani people visiting india.
سالم جحلان
Had an amazing experience at la skin
Had an amazing experience at la skin..Doctors are all specialised in treatment..They are having good doctors and staff too..Good to visit here again n again..
Priyanka Raghav
It was very nice experience over here
It was very nice experience over here….I had gala time vid staff nd procedures….happy
Yogita MalikActor
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