PRP For Hair Loss

What is PRP For Hair Loss?

Platelets are tiny cells in your blood that repair damaged blood vessels and stop bleeding after injuries.

They are virtual powerhouses, rich in growth factors that stimulate the hair follicle stem cells to divide and thicken the miniature hairs.

Platelet rich plasma is a concentrated form of your own platelets, obtained from your blood. It is delivered right at the hair root to the stem cells of the hair in the process of miniaturization.

In combination with medical treatment in the form of lotions or foams and oral medications including dietary supplements, PRP treatments boosts re-growth and restores much more hair than was thought possible before its usage.

PRP Treatment for Hair loss?

  • The urge to look good and healthy is something all of you want. A key component for that is the quantity of hair atop your head. The more thick and well nourished the hair, the better looking, positive and younger you feel. Owing to the current hectic and stressful lifestyle, hair loss and thinning has become quite common in many men and women.

    Another thing which cannot be ignored is that the younger lot among both men and women are being affected with hair thinning. It is here that the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment comes as a ray of hope and plays a vital role in current therapies for hair loss. With the right procedure, the hair thinning can be reduced and natural hair growth with more vigor can be assured.

    LA SKIN has it’s own standardized method of PRP which is very effective and we are proud to say that our success rate has made us the leaders in the market because of precise techniques and medical expertise of our dermato-trichologists.

Who is PRP Recommended for?

  • PRP Hair Treatment For Pattern Hair Loss

    For those going through genetic and patterned hair loss, PRP is recommended as an adjuvant to medical treatment. PRP is an effective way to enhance hair re-growth especially for more stubborn areas of hair loss i.e. receding hairline and crown area.

    Suitable Clients

    I have hair loss; can I go for PRP directly?PRP is a medical procedure hence initial consultation with dermato-trichologist is essential before undergoing the treatment. The doctor assesses the scalp, the kind of hair loss, hair fall severity, health condition, and other essential factors before deciding on the treatment.This therapy is for everyone who has genetic hair loss or patterned baldness, be it male or female. The treatment is suitable at any age depending on the type and severity of hair loss preferably but above 18 years of age.

    However, the few contradictions for PRP hair fall treatment or person who cannot go through this treatment are –

    Pregnant women Lactating or breastfeeding women Clients on anticoagulant drugs Heavy smokers

Why LA SKIN For PRP Hair Regrowth Treatment?

  • Large team of specially trained dermato-trichologists who ‘understand’ hair.

    LA SKIN’s expertise in hair disorders diagnosis using the latest dermascopy techniques allows precise labelling of your condition and close monitoring of your response.

    No gels or animal products are used in LA SKIN’s PRP treatment. Ideal concentration of platelets created by the double spin method.

    Delivery of growth factors to the hair roots in a precise manner(unlike the derma-roller method).

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The treatment was very comfortable, the result are amazing .
The treatment was very comfortable,  the  result are amazing . I made cleaning face with laser and it was very very nice 👍, The doctor and staff at laskin are very courteous & i recommend this clinic to all the Afghani people visiting india.
سالم جحلان
Had an amazing experience at la skin
Had an amazing experience at la skin..Doctors are all specialised in treatment..They are having good doctors and staff too..Good to visit here again n again..
Priyanka Raghav
It was very nice experience over here
It was very nice experience over here….I had gala time vid staff nd procedures….happy
Yogita Malik
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