Acne / Scar & Stretch Mark Treatment


What is Acne / Scar & Stretch Mark Treatment?

The good news is that almost every case of acne can be effectively treated. The condition can be related to diet, hormonal activity or even hereditary factors. Despite what you may have been told, sun exposure does not ‘dry up the spots’ (a tan may hide them for a bit) but, in fact, almost always makes the condition worse.There are several different approaches to treatment depending on type and severity. Ideally you want to have a solution that helps the condition as is, prevents future spots and also deals with the potential scarring. A solution has to be bespoke to your situation, and can include laser treatment, antibiotics, hormone tablets, products applied directly to the skin (known an ‘topical’), peels or other. The idea is to calm down inflammation and control the sebum production whilst improving the overall skin condition. And whilst we treat the condition, there are also cosmetic options to improve the appearance in the short and medium term.

Why is it best?

  • Our doctors are leading consultants within their field and often lecture other practitioners on the latest dermatological procedures. Because the causes of acne vary so much – skin type, diet, exposure to sun and all the other factors we’ve talked about – it’s essential that you’re treated by someone who has a profound understanding of your condition.

How it works?

  • Treatment you might find in a high-street beauty salon, our acne peels are designed in concentrations specifically for your skin, and carried out by doctors or medical aestheticians making them a really effective solution. Treated skin is removed to be naturally replaced by fresh healthy skin, reducing and sometimes eliminating the appearance of spots and scars & stretch marks at LA SKIN Clinics

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LA SKIN was incepted in 2015 and since then we have achieved many milestones throughout our journey.. So lets get you through to some of our statistics, to help you know us better..excepturi sint.






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Dr. H .K Kar

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LA SKIN offers a full spectrum of your aesthetic needs to help you look your very best. Our procedures and treatments are performed by the most advanced and latest technologies available in the country. We are proud to give our patients with the highest standards of skin care services that cannot be experienced anywhere else..

So come drop by to any of our clinics to witness a change in you that everyone would be raving about..adipiscing elit.

  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Botox, Fillers & Threat Lifts
  • Carbon Miracle Therapy
  • PRP For Hair Loss
  • Hair Transplant

Clients Words

The treatment was very comfortable, the result are amazing .
The treatment was very comfortable,  the  result are amazing . I made cleaning face with laser and it was very very nice 👍, The doctor and staff at laskin are very courteous & i recommend this clinic to all the Afghani people visiting india.
سالم جحلان
Had an amazing experience at la skin
Had an amazing experience at la skin..Doctors are all specialised in treatment..They are having good doctors and staff too..Good to visit here again n again..
Priyanka Raghav
It was very nice experience over here
It was very nice experience over here….I had gala time vid staff nd procedures….happy
Yogita Malik
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